Oregon Intervention

Oregon Intervention


Perhaps as a sign of the times, adults are drinking more alcohol than average. Sorrows are being drowned as the desperate lose jobs. Drugs are on the rise both in schools and at clubs. Illicit substances enter from the south, from California and Mexico, filtering into Oregon to hook the young and the unwary. Teens and young adults experiment with new substances and the overall stress of modern life drives a wedge between loving groups. Bonds of family are tested by substance abuse, and it’s a battle is being fought to protect loved one’s from addiction. Instead of becoming paralyzed by despair, close friends and family must take action and become empowered. Use the dynamic energy of a formal intervention to combat the insidious nature of addiction, banding together to create a support team capable of ending the struggle against cravings for another hit of a powerfully addictive drug. Reclaim sobriety and a bright future with a strategy designed to send a loved one into treatment.

Organization Before Anything Else

The seeds of success for an intervention are sown during the planning stage. This phase of the confrontation ensures every member of the support team is on the same page, informed of the addictive substance in question and the extent of the cravings. The planning goes further, increasing the width of knowledge by researching, gaining greater understanding of the state of mind of the addicted family member. The decision may be made to add more influential members to the team, such as a work colleague or a priest. Strengthen the team as much as possible and attempt to predict and control the direction of the intervention. Remember, the loved one may lie and use emotional tactics to break up the intervention. Prepare accordingly.

Oregon is a beautiful and wild state of forests and long coastline. Families prize the area and are willing to defend vulnerable members from drug trafficking and the arrival of illicit substances. In Oregon the statistics show an above average trend toward using substances, around 12 percent compared to the national average of 8 percent (www.whitehouse.gov). Let’s cut those statistics sharply with an Oregon Intervention. Guide a loved one toward treatment and recovery at a rehab center. Follow-up the with promises of enduring support and love through the tough withdrawal period that lays ahead.

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