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Drug Intervention in Oregon

drug-interventionAccording to statistical reports found on Oregon.gov there were more deaths related to heroin overdose in 2012 than ever previously recorded. Overall, the 2012 report concluded Oregon had its highest total of drug related deaths on record, just behind 2011 and 2008. These numbers continue to highlight the grim truth that Oregon continues to remain among those states with the highest degree of illicit drug use and addiction.

If you are the friend or family member of a loved one who is battling a drug addiction and everything you have done to help encourage recovery seems to work only temporarily you might be ready to consider intervention. However, while most people are familiar with the basic concept of intervention, not many people truly understand that the process may last as long as 2 or 3 days and will require a great deal of resolve on the part of those participating in effort to help a loved one.

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There are several intervention models. When you contact us about potentially proceeding with an intervention you will be paired with an intervention specialist. The interventionist will listen to your thoughts and experiences pertaining to your loved one and make a determination about which intervention process will work best for your current situation.

We want you to realize that we know every story is different and the needs of your loved one and his friends and family are also different. The goal of intervention is to empower family and friends, as well as your loved one and to help your loved one reach a true desire to seek immediate treatment with a goal of lifelong recovery instead of temporary change.

We can answer your questions

If you have felt alone in the struggle to help your loved one beat their addiction, you no longer have to feel that way. We are here to provide the guided support that your loved one needs and to ensure that each friend and family member feels confident before, during, and after. We encourage you to contact us when you’re ready so that we can answer any further questions you may have and provide the help you will need to go forward with a successful drug intervention in Oregon.

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