Cocaine Intervention

Cocaine Intervention in Oregon

cocaine-addictionBeing a part of a family can mean joy and fulfillment when the family is healthy and strong. What happens when one member of the family unit is addicted to drugs? Unfortunately for many families it means that all of the members are left to live with the consequences. This does not have to be a permanent situation. If you have a loved one battling a cocaine addiction it is time to find a cocaine intervention in Oregon.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, conducted in 2007, Oregon ranked first in several categories of drug use. These categories include past month use of illicit drugs (other than marijuana) amongst residents aged 12-17, Past year misuse of prescription pain medications amongst residents aged 18-25 and past-month illicit drug use among persons age 26 and older. {} What these frightening statistics tell us is that Oregon, as a state, has a serious drug problem. What this also means is that cocaine and other drugs are ripping a staggering number of families apart.

Watching a loved one abuse cocaine is a painful process for any parent, child, friend or family member. It often means being stolen from, lied to and taken advantage of. While many people will have the urge to walk away from the cycle it is harder than it seems. When you love someone you realize that the drug is what causes the negative behaviors, not the person.

The question remains, can I really get them help? The answer is yes. There are a wide variety of options to help someone living with a cocaine addiction. The services of a professional Interventionist can help persuade your loved one to enter into a treatment program. A detox facility can help your loved one safely eliminate the cocaine from their bloodstream. An inpatient treatment facility can begin the process of therapy. There are several types of outpatient treatment programs that will maintain sobriety and health. With all of these options there is a good fit for every family and every addiction.  The goal of the interventionist is to get your loved one to agree upon one of these choices.  After a successful intervention your loved one can begin the journey of recovery.

Even though it is a long and difficult process, the journey towards a healthy family unit is one worth taking. When all of the members are healthy and strong the entire family can be strong as well. So, if one of your family members has a cocaine addiction finding the ideal cocaine intervention in Oregon is a must.

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