Marijuana Intervention

Marijuana Intervention in Oregon


Having an addiction to any substance can have a negative impact on one’s life, especially when it becomes time-consuming and financially-straining on the user themselves. If you have a loved one who has become addicted to using Marijuana on a regular basis in the state of Oregon, having an intervention may be the only way you can genuinely get through to your friend or family member about what they mean to you and how valuable their life is to everyone they know.

Why is an Intervention Necessary?

Although it is not medically possible to overdose on marijuana, it does have the ability to cause users who frequently use it to lose motivation or drive to complete everyday activities including going to work or finishing everyday chores. Marijuana is not a harmful substance such as alcohol, heroin or cocaine, but it can contribute to temporary short-term memory loss and can cause users to feel lethargic, especially when used consistently over time without any breaks.

Hosting In Intervention

Hosting a marijuana intervention in Oregon for your friend or loved one can be done by first determining whether you want to host the intervention itself within a hotel, conference center or even within the home of a friend or family member that is nearby. Hosting an intervention for a loved one who has become addicted to marijuana is not always easy, so it is best to be prepared with facts, statistics and real evidence that marijuana use is negatively influencing and impacting your loved one’s life in various aspects and areas.

Working With Professionals

It is also possible to work together alongside a professional who specializes in drug addictions and habits or who works directly within a rehab facility or treatment center themselves. Having a professional present when you are hosting an intervention is a way to be taken more seriously while also having an expert available to guide and assist your loved one through the steps of enrolling in any detox or rehab program you may have found for them during your own research.

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