Beaverton Interventionist

Beaverton Interventionist

It’s true that modern living contains many temptations and stresses, triggers that lead loved ones down a road of addiction. A few relaxing drinks gradually become habitual, necessary to get through the day. Peer pressure sends a young adult into a downward spiral of substance abuse. All of this is true and disconcerting, but friends and family must shrug off impotence in the face of this adversity. Deny these feelings of helplessness, for there are tools that can be employed to convince a loved one to change patterns of addiction, and psychological models of intervention that help addicts accept treatment. Take heart in this knowledge, and gather everyone of influence to plan an intervention. Better still, boost chances of success with the services of an interventionist. This authoritative individual is trained to cope with the emotional stresses of the event while creating a dynamic strategy that ensures a loved relative or friend accepts accountability for their actions.

Navigating An Intervention

Imagine the complexities of a formal intervention broken into easy to swallow chunks of information that can be quickly digested and acted upon. Interventionist training focuses on the task of showing the support team, the influential group of close friends and family, how to prepare and implement a strategy based on acceptable models of intervention. The strategy is molded and formed to include information on the state of addiction and the personality of the addicted loved one. All of this preparation, discussion and clearly described steps are essential in breaking down the resistance and denial of the loved one before he or she mentally closes down and flees the scene. The strategy will cover invitations versus surprise, tough love over compassion, and much more.

Invite additional members to strengthen the support group if necessary, increasing the united front of family energy through strong bonds that won’t be broken by the abusive behavior of the addicted relative. Keep in mind that Oregon already ranks in the top ten list for prescription drug abuse (, meaning that illicit drugs entering from California and Mexico are not the only threat. Include these facts during the intervention, and let the Beaverton Interventionist manage and coordinate the team. Guide the loved one toward treatment and lasting recovery at a rehabilitation center, and go beyond the intervention with continual follow-ups to avoid relapse.

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