Portland Interventionist

Portland Interventionist


No matter how empowered a group of close friends and family feel they may be, there’s no way to plan for every eventuality during an intervention. The addicted loved one could react with outrage and shame when invited to the intervention, or turn and run from the attentions of caring family members as the confrontation gets under way. Maximize family this empowerment by matching determined intent with the specialized counseling abilities of an interventionist.

Gathering everyone with strong connections to the addicted relative or friend under one roof, an interventionist states the object of the approaching confrontation in no-nonsense terms. A strategy is laid out and roles are assigned to everyone in the room. Each friend, sibling, and peer uses available resources to educate themselves on the effects of binge drinking, or substance abuse, or any of a number of addictions the human brain is susceptible to. The planning is exhaustive, and with good reason. This planning and tailoring of strategy will give the support team the best possible chance to effect change in the addicted loved one’s behavior. Members can approach from a stance of confidence and authority, stating the changes seen in the addicts personality, the symptoms and abusive actions that are steadily worsening.

Orchestrating the Intervention

Due to the intense planning that was undertaken at an earlier point, the support group is prepared for the emotional outbursts an addict will use to dilute the intervention. Anger and shame is met with steady concern and loving compassion. The interventionist coordinates and moves the strategy forward, always with the goal of helping the addicted family member accept change and recognize the dangers of substance abuse and addiction.

Cravings enslave the mind, changing brain chemistry and destroying the future of those who succumb to addictive substances. An addict will lie, cheat, become violent, and start down the road to eventual incarceration or hospitalization due to overdose. Look at statistics for Portland and Oregon and learn exactly how acute the issue of addiction is here. Over 12 percent of residents use illicit drugs (www.whitehouse.gov). That’s more than enough reason to call in a Portland Interventionist to help with the intervention, breaking an addict free of the currents of addiction, delivering him or her to rehabilitation at a treatment center equipped with a strong recovery program.

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